Diabetes Empowerment Education Program – DEEP™

DEEP™ is a diabetes self-management program that has been shown to be successful in helping participants take control of their disease and reduce the risk of complications.

 DEEP™  Background

  •  CDC National Latino Diabetes Advisory Committee recommendation: diabetes education program to train CHWs to address diabetes in Latino & other minority populations.
  • Midwest Latino Health Research, Training and Policy Center (MLHRTPC) evaluated diabetes self-management education program in 1997 developed by Latino Health Access (CA)
  • MLHRTPC developed the DEEP Training of Trainers & Patient Education curricula in Spanish & English.

DEEP™  Target Audiences

  •  DEEP™ is directed towards
    • Persons with diabetes
    • Their relatives & caregivers
    • Anyone who needs information on self-care
  • DEEP™ is written to be implemented by
    • Health promoters
    • Community health educators
    • Other professionals who care for persons with diabetes.
    • Training is provided for free

DEEP™  Goals

  •  Improve & maintain quality of life
  • Prevent complications & disabilities
  • Improve eating habits & maintain adequate nutrition
  • Increase physical activity
  • Develop self-care skills
  • Improve patient & health care team relations
  • Increase use of available resources

Flexibility – Key Feature

  • Eight (8) content modules that can be done in six (6) sessions without compromising the program’s integrity
  • Two (2) trainers for each workshop is highly recommended, but not required
  • Designed to be adapted to the needs & abilities of the organization & group
  • Missed sessions can be made up at the discretion of the trainer & participants
  • Supplies & materials can be made or purchased