Physical Activity

At least 60 minutes of physical activity daily…

That’s how much young people, 6-17 years old, should be participating in. With the decline of physical activity related to the age of a young child, it is more important than ever to promote movement and activity that gets the heart pumping daily in our schools.

Children attend school for more than six hours per day and approximately 180 days per year. During that time children learn many things and Physical Education is important to make sure that children learn healthy life habits.

See what the current Physical Education Requirements are in the 2014 P.E. Profile PDF

Coordinated School Health

Studies have shown that both healthy eating and physical activity may help improve in academic achievement. There are eight components of coordinated school health; each with its own importance in making sure that child’s overall health is taken care of.

Health Education
Physical Education
Health Services
Nutrition Services
Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services
Healthy and Safe School Environment
Health Promotion for Staff
Family/ Community Involvement

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Participation in Physical Activity by Young People

  1. In a nationally representative survey, 77% of children aged 9–13 years reported participating in free-time physical activity during the previous 7 days.4
  2. In 2011, only 29% percent of high school students had participated in at least 60 minutes per day of physical activity on each of the 7 days before the survey.3
  3. Fourteen percent of high school students had not participated in 60 or more minutes of any kind of physical activity on any day during the 7 days before the survey.3
  4. Participation in physical activity declines as young people age.3