Smart Snacking Standards

With help from the Institute of Medicine, recommendations of smarter snacks were released as part of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. Take a look at the guide below to see what snacks are being recommended to promote healthy eating in schools.

Recommended Snack Guide 

Want to know what smart snacks were approved for Nevada? View the Nevada Smart Snacks Approved List 

Smart Snacks Nutrition Guide

All foods and beverages available for sale or given away to students on the school campus during the school day must meet the minimum nutrition standards. These food standards apply to all grade levels (unless otherwise specified).

To be allowable, a food item must meet all of the competitive food standards as follows:

Snack/Side Item- ≤200 calories per item as served (includes any accompaniments)
Entrée- ≤350 calories per item as served (includes any accompaniments)


Snack/Side Item- ≤230 mg per item as served until June 30, 2016
(≤200 mg after July 1, 2016)
Entrée- ≤480 mg per item as served


Total Fat- ≤35% of calories
Saturated Fat- <10% of calories
Trans Fat– 0 g per serving


Total Sugar- <35% by weight

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